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John Schwalm Emily Kuenzli Schwalm

Emily Kuenzli, the oldest daughter of Christian and Magnalena married John Baptiste Schwalm December 31, 1883. Their life together began just 1 1/2 miles West of the Kuenzli homestead (now known as Stonebridge; click here for more information). A very small 9 x 13 two story stone dwelling, named “Histonia” served as a first home for the newlyweds.

Histonia prior to preservation Histonia 2006

In 1898 a large two story frame residence, now known as “Mission Manor” was constructed. This was to become their lifelong home where they were to be blessed with six children.

Meals were cooked on wood stoves in the late 1800’s. During the warm months, food preparation took place in a “summer kitchen” which was built near the home.

Mission Manor in the 1900's Mission Manor's Summer Kitchen

By the early 1900’s, the present 1,265 acres had been established. Morris, John and Emily’s son, held the land together until it was deeded in 1966 to the Redmon family. Pearle Redmon’s mother was Clara, the daughter of John and Emily Schwalm.

Mission ManorIn 2004 Bill and Kathy Hogue were given the opportunity to acquire the land. Bill had been looking for something like this all his life. It is now the Flint Hills Division of Mission Valley Ranch.

Bill and Kathy Hogue take pride in carrying on the stewardship of this historical Flint Hills estate.

55 years as a homebuilder has given Bill the knowledge to preserve the remaining structures on this property for future generations. You are all encouraged to view your past through new eyes and reflect on its true value.

As the Hogue’s herd of Black Angus cattle graze the pastures, they divide their time between the Mission Valley Ranch headquarters west of Topeka and “Mission Manor”.

To schedule a tour, call MVR headquarters 785-256-6555 or Kathy Hogue 785-224-5763.

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