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One Stone At A Time

Kathy Hogue

History divulges that pioneer innovation satisfied a multitude of needs. One of these revelations was the building of stone fences. Sadly today, along roadsides and winding through pastures, grass now grows among miles of remaining scattered stones.

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There is, however, a renewed determination of a spirited group of Flint Hills citizens committed to rebuild some of these century old fences. Workshops are held annually in Wabaunsee County to teach local folks the craft of stone fence building.

After joining Mission Valley Ranch in 2006, Chuck Heigert of Alma, Kansas, committed to help preserve our 1860’s Kuenzli homestead at our Flint Hills Division. Along with his role as a loyal multi-tasking groundskeeper, Chuck has completed restoration of the original stone fence surrounding this historical home.

It is our wish that other modern day pioneers will continue their mission to rebuild our vanishing historical fences ~~~ one stone at a time.


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