Bill Hogue

Builder by Trade ~ Cattleman by Heart

Bill HogueBill has always had a profound fascination with history. His quiet demeanor transforms into a lengthy conversation at the mention of a story from his past.

Born in 1931, as a lifelong Kansan, Bill has created a rich history of his own. Raised on his Grandparents farm south of Eskridge he developed strong roots at an early age. Before school chores and daily survival basics in a home with no water or electricity taught him the conviction of what could be accomplished through a disciplined mind and body.

Following graduation, Bill went to work for his school Principal/Coach who also built homes. As he learned the basics, he began building cabinets which rapidly grew into a full blown home building business that spanned over 55 years. Homes by Hogue stands as a tradition of nearly 4,000 quality built homes in our area.

In 1957, Bill purchased his first 325 acres west of Topeka, built a family home and bought his first black Angus. Mission Valley Ranch was born. As the herd grew over the years, we added our Flint Hills Division in 2001. We are proud of our female pedigrees....they were all bred and raised at MVR. The maternal strength of the herd was made even stronger by using high accuracy proven sires such as Mission Control, On Target, Connealy Lead On, B/R New Frontier 095, Mytty in Focus, Final Answer, and OCC Emblazon 854E.

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