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Front Yard Bulls


We have three Angus bulls in the front yard at Headquarters. They are happily content after fulfilling their quest for seasonal bull duties. The presence of these mighty creatures brings peace to my soul and provides a special kind of therapy when I slip out on the porch occasionally to watch them leisurely roam around the front lot. I just counted the number of steps from our door to their fence line.... there are twelve. Bless their little hearts; they are money makers for our ranch operation.

When city friends visit, they scurry out of their vehicles and race to enter the screened in porch, wondering if they overlooked a “Beware of the Bull’s” sign. They’re all convinced these bulls, all weighing well over 2,000 pounds, are going to vault over the fence like graceful deer, forcing them to run for their lives. I suppose invited guests should be informed of what to expect -but golly gee, why deprive them of an adventure to share with their city office mates.

There are other reasons to love our Angus roaming the front lot. My city friends enjoy their professionally landscaped views of manicured flower beds with fragrant splashes of color. Our front yard art features a three foot tall canary yellow watering tank, burgundy bale rings and turquoise plastic bucket protecting the electric fence charger switch on the telephone pole. My Stetson Darlin’ also built a charming dove gray sheet metal shed for the bulls in full view from our front window. What more could a gal want!

-Kathy Hogue


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