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One of the many spirit lifting gifts of our Flint Hills prairie is its multitude of wildflowers. A single blushing pink coneflower may sprout beside a gate post or a group of Western Yarrow may decorate a hillside. Their presence always makes my heart sing.

Sunflowers, for which we in Kansas are so well known, show their bright sunny faces in August along with the bushy lavender blooms of Gayfeathers. Butterfly Milkweed, Heath Asters, Scarlet globe Mallow... I love them all.

A long ago memory of my sweet Son walking in the door holding a tiny handful of dandelions is a forever cherished moment in time; a recollection of heartfelt love.

Roadside beds of purple Iris clearly mark locations of past homesteads. The house and barns are gone, but I smile knowing part of that family’s history remains.

A wildflower can appear at any time. Perhaps under the clothesline or along the trail as you make your daily run. It may sprout from a crevice along a rocky ledge or mysteriously pop up in a flower bed at the nursing home where you visit your grandmother.

You may also discover cheery wildflowers as you browse your local clothing store. A pattern of Coreopsis may adorn the fabric of a pretty summer dress. A rack of T-shirts might display bright yellow Black-eyed Susans.

My beautiful Daughter gave me a little wooden sign many years ago. Its words bring joy to my heart every time I see it:

Wishing You a Butterfly Morning and a Wildflower Afternoon

Mom always raved about her birth state Texas Blue Bonnets. I’ll match the brilliance of a meadow of Wild Blue Indigo to those any day. They are my very favorites. You are invited to come view them in mid may when their rich hues are on display in our Flint Hills meadows.

-Kathy Hogue


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