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The Symphony In The Flint Hills

When summer ended this year I was not ready to give it up. Happy days with friends and family were just grand. However, memories are treasures that time cannot take away. One special event will remain in my heart forever. For those who were there with me I’m sure you felt the same way.

Prairie Visitors

The Symphony in the Flint Hills in Wabaunsee county touched our lives in many different ways. The tremendous sense of pride in our community grew to new heights during the many months of planning. The excitement was contagious.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Katie Carlgren in her role as our Wabaunsee County Economic Development Director. We wish her well as her life’s journey changes coarse. Kudos to Emily Hunter, Symphony Coordinator, whose enthusiasm that first day in the pasture sparked excitement for all of us. Patty Reece, as Site Chair, was always in the background trying to make the rest of us look good. Alan Winkler, our museum curator, and his competent board came through for the good of the community.

Terry Hund, Liz Seaton  & Kathy

Terry Hund (l) and Liz Seaton (center) deserve outstanding praise for there leadership running the patron tent smoothly. As always, historian, Michael Stubbs was involved in many aspects of the event. The Hoys, Matt Pfeifer, Sally Stratton, the Schwartings my husband Bill and hundreds of volunteers (you all know who you are) donated their time and talents to provide an unforgettable experience.

The Kansas City Symphony performed magnificently and the setting sun provided a serene backdrop for all to enjoy. It was truly a day to remember.


Sunset Symphony

It comes . . .
every evening
without fanfare or drums
it comes . . .

It comes softly as a lullaby
beginning with a golden glow
encircling a cloud . . .

Then the glow begins to grow . . .
pinks and violets fill the sky
a ball of orange delights the eye

The cymbals crash, trumpets blare
a symphony has filled the air . . .

Applause! Applause!
     a spectacular show!

The ball of orange, ablaze, aglow,
sinks slowly out of sight . . .

A silent symphony~~
has tucked away another day,
     and ushered in the night!


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