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Mission Valley Ranch

Bill & Kathy Hogue

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11345 SW Hwy K-4

Topeka, KS  66614

Flint Hills Division:

Alma, Kansas

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Herd Sires: click link for pedigree & EPD information

Mission 036 463 C132

AI Sires: click link for pedigree & EPD information

The Mission Valley Ranch Philosophy:

     For 35 years we have used the same basic requirements for selecting sires--- a six frame moderate birth, high maternal, high performance and adequate milk.

     With the advent of AHIR, ultrasound and improved communication we have refined those basic requirements.

We have the mentality: "Which sire is going to improve each dam's daughters the most? Is she going to be a better cow than her mother?"

     The first step in the selection process is to observe the sires pedigree. If we feel the pedigree is acceptable, we match the EPD's with individual dams---even to the point of using the simulated breeding process in the American Angus Association AIMS program.

     If we still like the results, we collect as much information as we can from producers who have progeny, especially producing daughters of the bull.  No matter what the numbers say, we feel it's important that the actual progeny prove the pedigree.

     When time allows we travel to other ranches in order to view the progeny and visit with the owners. If we like what we see and hear, the bull will then be added to our sire group.  If his daughters are what we expect from the mating, then his sons are an excellent byproduct.

     At Mission Valley Ranch, we use the best tools of modern genetics, along with a cattleman's critical eye concerning those traits that matter to the cowman to bring our customers the kind of genetics they need to prosper in today's multifaceted market.  At MVR, we do our homework so YOU can buy with CONFIDENCE.

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