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The Use of Embryo Transfer at Mission Valley Ranch

     Our embryo program was started about 15 years ago with two cows who were annually weaning calves at the top of the weaning weights with the best ultrasound data. These cows were the result of five plus generations of Mission Valley breeding. We use the same methods to select our sires as we do to isolate the superior cows.  If you haven't already, please take a moment to read that information by clicking here.

     If we feel a potential donor's progeny surpass the production of her herd mates, then, and only then, can we justify the extra expense of producing multiple offspring and she will be included in our donor dam program.  At MVR, we won't waste our money OR YOURS reproducing the genetics of unproven cows.

     The two donors added this year are a granddaughter and a great granddaughter of our original two donors.  To us, this is the best evidence that the MVR ET program is on target: tough, rigorous selection criteria used to skim the cream from the proven MVR cows ensures we select the genetics to produce superior progeny.



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