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Mission Valley Ranch

Bill & Kathy Hogue

785.256.6555 Ranch

785.224.7363 Bill's cell

785.224.5763 Kathy's cell

785.862.5502 Fax


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11345 SW Hwy K-4

Topeka, KS  66614

Flint Hills Division:

Alma, Kansas

Please call ahead

to schedule a visit.

Contact MVR:

Bill & Kathy Hogue:  (785)256-6555  E-Mail

     Bill's Mobile (785)224-7363, Kathy's Mobile (785)224-5763

Kelly Moore, Office Manager:  (785)862-5500, Fax (785)862-5502  E-Mail


Getting to MVR

Mission Valley Ranch is located just West of Topeka, KS and an easy 4 miles South of I-70.  For reference, Topeka is approximately 60 miles west of Kansas City on I-70.

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