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     Where does our inspiration to cook come from?

     I can trace mine back to the praise I received growing up when I prepared something for Dad, Mom and Sis. Other memories are of huge family gatherings in our basement known as “Hills Hideaway”. Tons of delicious food was carried down those stairs to appreciative friends and family. If you were to ask what is most important in a home, you might say it’s the memories.

     As women, it is natural to share our enthusiasm for a new recipe with each other. I would love to hear from you if you have tried one of mine-- especially if you have changed it for the better. Do you have a recipe I might enjoy? E-mail me with anything you’d like to share!

     As we travel down country roads together, along with my recipes, I hope to bring you news from the ranch. I'll tell you about books I've read and the antics of our Grandkids and pets. I'll pass along sayings to nourish your soul and will share the trials and tribulations of being a country cowgirl. I invite you to read "Kathy's Journal".

To print this recipe, select it from the archives below.

It is an Adobe PDF file suitable for printing.  Thanks & enjoy!





Cowgirl Cookery Archives

(Adobe PDF files; get Adobe Reader below.)

Italian Hoagies

(January 2006)

Cinnamon Bread

(December 2006)

Pumpkin Squares

(December 2007)

Bill's Lasagna

(April 2008)

Bierrock Casserole

(June 2008)

Fruit, Rice & Mint Salad

(August 2008)

All American Meat Loaves

(December 2008)

Hogue's Super Subs

(May 2009)

Pasta Feta Salad

(June 2009)

Stuffed Green Peppers

(August 2009)

Tortellini Gratin

(December 2009)


(April 2010)

Stuffed Flank Steak

(March 2011)

French Beef

January 2012


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