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Mission Valley Ranch

Bill & Kathy Hogue

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11345 SW Hwy K-4

Topeka, KS  66614

Flint Hills Division:

Alma, Kansas

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About Bill Hogue:

Builder by Trade ~ Cattleman by Heart


     Bill Hogue has always held a profound fascination with history.  His normal quiet demeanor transforms into lengthy intense conversation at the mention of a story from the past.


Bill Hogue, owner

     As a lifelong Kansan born in 1931, he has had time to create some history of his own.  Bill's strong roots developed on a farm outside of Eskridge, Kansas where he was raised by loving grandparents.  Before-school chores at dawn along with a daily pattern of survival basics in a home with no water or electricity taught him discipline and gave him the stamina of a work horse.  He is still capable of putting in a 15 hour day.


     Bill developed a residential home-building business that has spanned over 50 years and is still going strong today.  His goal of offering quality construction at the best possible value has gained him respect throughout the area.


     In 1957, he satisfied a desire for owning his own land by purchasing 325 acres eight miles west of Topeka, Kansas, drawing him back to his love of the country.  He acquired his first few head of registered black Angus cattle and "Mission Valley Ranch" was born.  Through artificial insemination and embryo transfer, he has produced top quality breeding stock.


     Bill Hogue and Mission Valley Ranch are proud to celebrate over 50 years of breeding top Angus genetics!


Angus Cattle at Mission Valley Ranch


     Angus cattle have been our foundation here at Mission Valley Ranch (MVR)~~we have bred cattle to last!  Using all the available tools to measure and predict production and profit, MVR has developed a herd with many generations of documented performance.


     Study a Mission Valley female pedigree and you’ll find her dam, grandam, great grandam . . . as far as you can see in her pedigree were bred and raised at MVR. The maternal strength of the herd is made even stronger by using high accuracy, proven sires such as Mission Control, Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807, Connealy Lead On, BR New Frontier 095, Summitcrest High Prime 0H29, Gardens Prime Time, B/R New Design 036, Bon View New Design 878 and OCC Emblazon 854E.


     Our bulls are fed a moderate growing ration and ultrasound data is collected on each. Through the use of EPDs, ultrasound, feedlot and carcass data, Mission Valley bulls are laying the same solid foundation for our customers.


     If you are in the market for a strong genetic foundation, bulls or replacement females, we encourage you to give us a call or come by the ranch.


     To learn more about the all the people integral to the success of Mission Valley Ranch, please visit our "The Folks at MVR" page.   

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